Back to Slovakia and toward Pohoda

Written by Peter on July 28th, 2009



Thunder storm approaches, I have my soap and towel ready to wash in the downpour. Its been a hot sweaty day, cycling through the heat to Slovakia where I can spend Euro again on beer and icecream.  I close my eye for a long time at the table. Bowls, buckets, boxes and crates filled with apricots along the street. I get mine from a tree. I finish cycling early, at 6:30 exhausted, and expose all my sweaty skin to the wind to dry. I sit on my hilltop and watch my shower roll in.


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  1. Caroline Elisa says:

    I like this drawing of the stern proprieter waking up the sleeping you(th). It could be the scene from opera, I can almost hear his his eviction in baritone.

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