Written by Peter on August 17th, 2009


Dresden is a cool little town. In the new city cafes, bistros, bars and restraunts abound. Its a cute dozen bohemian blocks that I cycle before stopping to take coffee. And with a short ride I am in the old city, an impressive cluster of huge dark old buildings, ringed by new commerce and shopping built on the ruins caused by the allied bombing at the end of the war. Huge soldiers uphold and gaurd the city gate. There is still vast empty spaces, where construction is starting. I buy new shorts after yet another pair tear with the pressure of the saddle. And in my new finery, and feeling recovered from my brief sickness, I cycle out of the city, late at about 6. Since loosing my Speedometer I  have no idea how far I ride each day. Without the time at hand, I simply cycle until I feel tired, the day darkens, or a good spot to sleep presents itself. Today I know to stop as I see a cloud of thousands of birds swirl and dive to roost.


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