Fun times in Slovakia

Written by Peter on July 28th, 2009


I have just put Caroline in a taxi to take her to the Airport, after a night beside the Danube in out tent, after she missed her flight.
Effortless kilometers along the River form Bratislava toward Vienna. Long straight path along the ridge of a levee.There is plenty of time to think about my time at Pohoda and in Bratislava with Caroline. We had so much fun at the festival, waltzing to a slovak orchestra, gorging on smokey cheese and bread, sweating in the heat with cool cheap beer, of spending the duration of a thunderstorm in our tiny tent. We were happy, both distracted that we didn’t think about the uncertainty of times ahead. It was great to see Andrew, Anna, and Andrew Barber too. Together we saw some great music, and all had stories to tell about our lives over the last 4 months. And when the whole festival was stopped by a freak gust of wind, that blew down a stage and turned the tent city into a refugee camp, we still had fun, playing cards, wrapped up warm, picnicing amongst the debris of the abandoned party. It was a really fun time. My camera was out of battery (typically) but Andrew took great pictures of all the fun.

In Bratislava Caroline and I wandered from paza to plaza, and the next day, climbed the castle steps to admire the view together. and while we are happy and having fun, a future together seems assured, wherever in the world we may be.

I take a break in my ride to Vienna to swim naked in a lake. Fish watch as I was a shirt and underwear, and dance around slapping at mosquitos.
Vienna is impressive.  I have a drink at the Kunsthaus designed by Hundervasser. There isn’t a straight line in the entire builiding, Organic and playful black and white tiles, a tree leans out of a second floor window. The horizontal belonds to nature, the vertical to man.
Film festival crowds watching jazz on a big screen, infront of the gothic town hall. I have an icecream, before setting off into the night, towards the big park along the Vienna river, to lie amongst the trees, and hope that it doesn’t rain


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