Into the alps

Written by Peter on July 29th, 2009

I wake up feeling good. I leave early. the family need to drive to Munich, to see thier daughter to a plane that will take her to the states for five weeks. Everyone is excited.
I ride of, overnight rain, smoothes the road. I leave the Danube, cutting across its meander, to avoid passing through the city of Linz. I join the Taun river, and at Lambach stop for lunch and a rest. Saurkraut and bread. Nodding head sleep sat on a park bench, I wake just seconds before the first strike of thunderstorm rain. I wait it out, and before long the sun is shining again. I ride a forest path and see the damage of extreme weather everywhere. Flattened crops, and broken and split branches, trees uprooted. its been a headwind and subtle rise in the land all day, so that by evening I arrive at an incredible mountain lake, Attersee. The rain disapates, leavingĀ  a rainbow in its stead. The hills are incredible. I eat a half cooked meal, my gas having run out, just as I put the beans on to fry. I speak to Caroline, and this leaves me content, despite cold food.
Pitch my tent in a crop of trees which come dawn, will look out over the lake to see the sun striking the alps.


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