The grey Danube

Written by Peter on July 28th, 2009


I leave Florians house on the edge of the city, still tired and with a headache,. Immediately I am climbing hills that over look the river and Vienna. My head pounds with the effort. I rush along the Danube with the wind behind me, thoughst as muddy as its water, I swim in a lake and drink a lot of water, but its not until a nap, that I can think clearly.
From Krems the path runs paralell to rows of apricot trees. A sunshower and gusts of wind drop ripe fruit to the ground. I stuff my bags with them. Its a beautiful part of the world. I swim again in the Danube and come out grimy.
An old man offers me money to continue my trip, a group around a BBQ give me wine as well as the salt I asked for. The Austrians are suprisingly friendly.
Thundestorms erupt just as I finish my dinner. I throw down my tent, and dive inside, seconds before it is lashed by wind and rain. Tired, I take long blinks as I hold the tent down through the storm, its sides press in on me.


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