To a very special lady

Written by Peter on October 9th, 2009

special thanks to Pepe and Helmut for their repairs, and to all the people I met along the way.


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  1. stacey in Jerz says:

    FANTASTIC!! Welcome back!

  2. Bob Divine says:

    I have enjoyed following your travels (and travails) and mightily impressed by your illustrations and photos – you should publish!

  3. Sheila Divine says:

    Hi Peter, A belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY (1 day late or 364 days early for next one) hope you had a great day! I started reading your blog several weeks after your departure and intended to read a bit at a time BUT I got hooked good and proper and “could’nt put the book down” so to speak!! Your writing is excellent, keeping me enthralled with tales of your travels with Rose, with your brilliant artwork and photography. I have just finished reading your final few weeks. Your enjoyment and trials and tribulations shine through enthusiastically and the video is excellent too. I hope you will publish as it would go down a treat with a wide range of people (not just seasoned cyclists). CONGRATULATIONS on your achievements best wishes to you,Rose (when reassembled) and Caroline. Love Sheila

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