Animation for Warhorse New York

Peter Stenhouse |

Warhorse Montage

Warhorse Animation Montage

I was tasked with recreating the animated content from the original highly acclaimed London West End production of Warhorse. Working with the drawings by show designer Rae Smith, and creating new digital content, we were able to create an animated sketch book that travels from idyllic Devon to the horror of WWI battlefields. The aesthetic pays homage to host of artists that depicted the war and descends into an abstract vorticist nightmare. Once again I worked closely with incredible video designers from 59productions, Lysander Ashton and Mark Grimmer, to make the animation respond to a constantly changing show, and compliment the subtleties of theatre. Thanks. A full list of credits for the show can be found at the 59 productions site

Warhorse Montage

The Making of Warhorse

This video by 59 Productions shows how it was all done, and how the company approaches a project of this scale and variety. It is fascinating, features footage of the show, and even a few garbled sentences by yours truly. Camera and editing by Douglas Walker.

Warhorse Screen